Getting Ready!

Our preschool year officially begins tomorrow and I feel like I could still prep the room and program and everything for another month and then maybe be ready! I feel like the more I do, the more I find to be done and my to-do list grows with everything I cross off. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks getting the classroom ready for the year. We are in a community centre, so we share our classroom with other programs throughout the year… this means we have to set up and take down our classroom everyday! Day camps used the room over the summer and some of our supplies, so things needed to be reorganized, cleaned and changed over to PRESCHOOL! Here are a couple of photos of what our room looked like a couple weeks ago… It’s very grey and open and boring. We have 5 bulletin boards, two ugly grey bare walls, and a whole lot of empty space that needed to be functional, inviting and inspiring.


After a lot of hard work our classroom now looks like this!


There is still a lot to show you and a lot to do! I’ll update the rest of our room set up soon.


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